The Best of Resourceful Mommy 2011 – Joining Mamavation

From 5/23/11 – my first Mamavation Monday:

To any regular readers of Resourceful Mommy, it is no surprise that I have been battling to achieve a healthy lifestyle and a slimmer body for most of my adult life.  Most of you have also become well acquainted with the Mamavation program created by Leah of @Bookieboo.  Today I am finally going to pledge to join the Sistahood. I need some accountability for the choices I’m making and the goals that I’m setting beyond just me.  Let’s face it.  I am very good at lying to myself.  So today I am setting some specific goals, and I am sharing them, not just here but on Mamavation as well.

1. No more night time snacking: When I finish hosting Twitter Parties, I often still have other work to do, emails to answer, blog posts to write.  Eating dinner at 6:00 and then working until 11:00 often leaves me hungry, but snacking isn’t the answer.

2. More movement: I bought an elliptical in January, my husband fixed what he had assembled incorrectly in April, and it is still sitting there unused.  I need to change that.

3. More accountability: I’m going to weigh myself every day and follow my ups and downs, paying attention to what I’m doing to cause them.  I’m not going to list numbers here (are you kidding me?!), but I will post results.  Nothing like a couple thousand people to help you with being honest.

Let the pledging begin!

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  • Janet

    Amy, your readers love you no matter what you look like. We’re like your husband in that regard — it’s what’s inside of you that counts. Please never lose sight of that. We’re behind you all the way, come skinny jeans, mom jeans, and all the other jeans in-between. 🙂

  • anne

    wear ankle & wrist weights when you walk. do some arm curls and such while ur out. u can buy ankle/wrist weights in 1 lb, 1.5 lb, 2 lb increments, etc… great way to tone, build muscle over time while getting ur cardio in

  • Love this– you have been such an inspiration on Twitter reading about your journey! I really need to look into joining!