Best of Resourceful Mommy: Four Guys, a Girl, and a Hotel Room in Vegas

During my time in Tanzania with Compassion International, I would like to share some of my favorite posts from the past.

~Originally posted 10/24/10~

And you won’t believe where we’re going…

A year ago I reviewed a book called Spilt Milk, and while I enjoyed the entire book, there was one passage in particular that never left my heart.  Author Linda Vujnov writes:

“‘All men are idiots, and I married the king of them.’ I was stunned as I read the license plate frame while leaving the grocery store.  Although I had a few ideas of my own for a personal license plate frame, this one wouldn’t have made the list of options.  The disrespect was pooling in the parking lot stall…When we find a man who becomes our husband, wonderful things transpire.  Not only does this man acquire new titles like husband, lover, and dad; he no doubt becomes our rock of Gibraltar, protector, best friend, and biggest fan.  As wives, the importance of encouragement, respect, and support for these men whom we love should be forefront.  Equally important is reminding them how much we love and need them.”

I promise we’re heading to the hotel room now…

A week ago I flew to Las Vegas to speak at BlogWorld and New Media Expo.  I enjoy speaking at various conferences around the country partly because it is my only chance to spend time with blogging and social media colleagues, and BWE is uniquely enjoyable because the crowd of 4,000 attendees is far more diverse than many of the other events I attend.  I especially was looking forward to hanging out with a dad blogging buddy this year and also had the pleasure of getting to know three of his colleagues during our whirlwind night after a long day of networking and learning at the conference.  During some downtime between evening events, the five of us crashed in one blogger’s room and chatted for about an hour.  I was struck by the fact that I suddenly had this unique window into the mind of dads other than those in my own family, and what was most compelling was how different they were from my own husband.

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