Best of Resourceful Disney: Scared at Disney?

Originally posted August 2, 2010:

While planning our first vacation to Walt Disney World, I spent several months reading The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World, which I still believe to be the best book available for planning a trip to the World.  One of the aspects I love most about the book is that it tells you in the ride description if a ride is likely to scare your child.  Want to know if a ride is going to make your three year old cry for the rest of the day?  Then take a look at the ride description and search for special comments such as, “Terrifying to many young children.”

To prepare our kids for some of the rides that we considered borderline, we also checked out videos on YouTube made by other Disney guests.   A quick search will take you to a decent quality upload of nearly every ride in Walt Disney World.

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  • I wish that comments like “terrifying to young children” would be appended to every book, TV show, and movie that ever … terrified my young children!

  • Great tips! I think preparation make a BIG difference! Although some kids are just more dating than others! My 4.5 year old actually rode Tower of Terror three times in a row and was laughing with glee each time. I think my husband screamed more 🙂