Best of Resourceful Disney: The Four Seasons of Disney

As I enjoy this holiday season with my family, I’d like to share some of my favorite posts from 2010…

In Winter the World tells us Christmas is here,
With holly and garland on each Mickey ear.
Hot cocoa and brownies great each merry guest
as the Magic Kingdom shows us its best.
With parties, parades, and snow on Main Street,
there’s nothing to beat this holiday treat.
Spring’s when the flowers have their time to shine
With topiary characters all in a line.
Cinderella in pumpkin plant, Beauty in rose,
A long, twisting branch is Pinocchio’s nose.
Don’t miss The Lion King played out in plants.
From March through May is when you’ll have your chance.
The summer’s Nightastic, with fireworks and shows.
Old favorites return like the parade that glows.
Extended night hours keep kiddies up late,
But they’ll still wake up early to be first to the gate.
The ice cream tastes sweeter, the lights all shine bright.
There’s nothing like Disney on a hot summer night.
The fall brings small crowds making ride waits a breeze,
Booking character meals can be done with ease.
With free Disney Dining and five for three deals,
Autumn’s a great way time for Disney steals.
Mickey’s Not-So-Scary, yet always boo-riffic,
For many, fall makes Disney terrific.
We’ve been there in Winter, in Summer, in Spring.
We hope to some day join the Halloween fling.
I’ll go any month – who needs a reason?
But tell me…what do you think is the best Disney season?
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