Bedtime with Elmo Review

My children adore Elmo, which is great for me as a parent concerned with what my children view on television and DVD’s. I always feel comfortable allowing them to watch any Sesame Street products, and Bedtime with Elmo doesn’t disappoint.

Like most pre-schoolers, Abby Cadabbi and Elmo do not want to stop having fun and go to sleep. Not only are the helpful strategies from Elmo’s dad worthwhile for parents to hear, but they are calming for other children dealing with their own bedtime struggles.

Although my five year old daughter enjoyed the forty-four minute DVD, my three year old son actually fell asleep watching Bedtime with Elmo! I wish I had taken a picture of him, cuddled up in the corner of the couch, desperately avoiding his afternoon nap, but foiled by his good friend, Elmo. Since then he has enjoyed watching it again…well rested.

The Bedtime with Elmo DVD offers some great tips to help your children sleep soundly, and I thought I’d share a few of my own, as well!

1. Keep a Regular Routine: Children love consistency, so keeping your bedtime routine regular from night to night is soothing and helps them to drift quickly off to sleep.

2. Enjoy a Calming Bath: While bathtime fun is always great, try to keep the kids from getting too over-excited while they’re steering pirate ships and sinking rubber duckies. Remember that bedtime follows bath!

3. Prepare for Sweet Dreams: The power of suggestion is incredibly helpful, even for the littlest thinkers. Helping your children to think of enjoyable things to dream about as they drift off to sleep – the best parts of their day, what to look forward to the next day – can ward off nightmares.

4. Remove Distractions: While stuffed animal buddies are cuddly and sweet, they are also a tempting distraction to little ones who want to avoid sleep. We check in with our daughter to see if she’s actually lying down sleeping, and often remove favorite pals and even books she has snuck into her bed.

What are your favorite tried and true tips for getting the little ones to sleep?

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