Baring My Soul and More for Anissa

WARNING: If you are my relative, in-law, former or future employer, pastor, over the age of 65, under the age of 18, or have a heart condition, do not read this post. If you are an ex-boyfriend…eat your heart out.I don’t know how I get myself roped into these things. Well, in this case I guess I do. Shortly after our friend Anissa suffered a stroke in November, the hashtag #BoobsforAnissa began to appear on Twitter. To put it bluntly, Anissa’s got a great rack and is not afraid to use it. It wasn’t that long ago that I found myself scrolling through dozens of pictures of cleavage trying to recognize Anissa’s to cast my vote for best boobs. If you visit the Hope 4 Anissa Flickr page, you’ll notice the recurring theme is…boobs…including my favorite picture of my friend Kelby texting on Anissa’s chest (this photo was taken by Jerri Ann Reason). Call it crazy, call it mom bloggers gone wild, but it really is just indicative of how comfortable we all are, this fun group of smart and savvy women who have connected online at a very deep level.

This connection is why we were all so devastated when we heard of Anissa’s health crisis. We’ve been following updates from her incredible husband Peter on their website, Hope 4 Peyton, and many people have taken steps to raise money to help the Mayhew family in this time of emotional and financial strain. One idea that developed out of the #BoobsforAnissa tweets came from my friend Christina of Cutest Kid Ever. Why not put our boobs where are tweets are and actually create a calendar to raise money for Anissa’s family? Now those of you who know me personally know that I’m more of a bulky sweater than a tight top kind of lady, so I stayed out of the fray. Someone else joked around with me on Twitter about, um, contributing to the calendar and jokingly I tweeted:

“I’d have to be Miss February because I can only fill 28 days.” The response?

“Great! You’ve got it! Please send your picture by Dec. 15th.”


I kept putting off even thinking about the calendar until the deadline came and Christina asked me if my picture was ready. Wanting to just get it over with, I pulled off my bulky sweater of the day, stood in front of a mirror so that I could see my camera’s viewfinder, and took a picture of myself in the old tank I had been wearing all day underneath my sweater. Submitting a picture to the calendar was the least I could do – truly – for such an amazing woman. She would do this and more for any of us, plus I can’t wait for the day when she can tell all twelve of us how we simply can’t stack up to her boobs. I hope that day arrives soon. Until then, please help support Anissa in her time of need by purchasing the Boobs for Anissa Calendar. Buy one and tuck it away, send it to your favorite gag gift recipient, or even let your husband hang a copy in his man den. All proceeds will go directly to Anissa Mayhew and family.

And yes, I’m Miss February. And I think I fill up those twenty-eight days quite nicely, thank you.

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