Baby, Oh, Baby – Check Out These Clothing Prizes!

NEWSFLASH: Baby clothing is not cheap. Cute baby clothing is especially not cheap. Cute, well-made baby clothing with little perks (fun for dress up, made from organic cotton, whimsical yet timeless, tagless!) is often very expensive.

But I’d like to introduce you to a few generous companies who offer all of this and more at a reasonable price – starting at FREE.

Each of these companies will be giving away a gift card or item as part of Resourceful Mommy’s Site-Warming Party, and all you have to do to win is ENTER.

1. $35 Gift Card from Princess Time Toys – Princess Time Toys offers not only finely made dress ups for baby/child and mom, but they also carry matching dress ups for your little ones favorite doll! Along with their beautiful gowns and costumes, Princess Time Toys carries high quality educational wooden toys as well as unique children’s furniture. Looking for some dress up for your little guy? Check out their fire fighter costumes, prince toy boxes, and prince room decor.

2. Free Tote from Fierce Hugs – You’ve seen this tote – it’s the most adorable, useful, soft and wonderful thing ever – and I won one! But let’s not forget what Fierce Hugs is all about. They are the makers of incredibly unique baby clothing, all designed by independent artists and created with 100% organic cotton. Have you ever felt organic cotton baby clothing? It is a level of softness that I have never felt before. And not only their clothing incredibly wearable, it’s also art your baby can wear!
3. $25 Gift Card to Hippos Toes – Another eco-conscious and socially responsible business, Hippos Toes has just launched a fair trade clothing boutique featuring fun and whimsical items for boys and for girls. Because Hippos Toes works only with fair trade manufacturers, the women who design and create these beautiful pieces are treated and compensated fairly. Made from luxurious fabrics, your little one will certainly enjoy wearing these items as much as you’ll enjoy seeing them.
4. $50 Gift Card from Happy Panda – Happy Panda is the place to shop if you are looking for adorable and unique tagless baby clothing for the bigger baby. Looking for a fun gift set for a shower or other baby gift occasion? Check out Happy Panda’s clothing designed and made in America to create your own gift set. As the mother of a little guy who was once a 20 pound four and a half month old, I know how important it is to have clothing choices for your little one who might not be so little.

5. $50 Gift Card to Tote and Tee – Tote
and Tee has so many
adorable tops and tights that it makes me want to be six years old again and wearing those skirts that I refused to wear as a child. Bright polka dots running up and down my legs? Sign me up! My personal favorite is the personalized hoodie with an initial on the front and a stylized name on the back. The coolest thing about Tote and Tee is that all tees are designed and made by Tote and Tee owner, Amy Trusler, in her home studio!

Please check out the websites of these generous sponsors and don’t forget to enter the Resourceful Mommy Site Warming Party Contest to win these wonderful prizes!

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