Ask Resourceful Mommy: Disney Edition

I have known, well, forever that someday I would take my family to Disney. I’m one of “those people” who loves to give in to the magic of music, dancing, story-telling. So it was not long after my son was born that I began wondering when we would take our children to Disney for the first time. Luckily my dad is just like me, and in his mind he was already planning on showing his grandchildren the magic that is Walt Disney World.

So the planning began. I read dozens of posts on a handful of wonderful sites. My favorite is I especially love the information on Deb’s site about each of the Walt Disney World Resort properties. I also spent hours on the official Walt Disney World site because there is just so much information available. Be sure to dig deep. You won’t believe the content you will find!

Although I read a couple of books about traveling to WDW, by far the best is The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World by Bob Sehlinger. This book is over 800 pages long and you need to read very page. And hi-light. And take notes. And dog ear. And by goodness, take the book with you on the trip!!! We saw folks carrying the book all over the parks on our trip last December.

So now I am a wealth of Walt Disney World information. My friends locally have figured this out and they are not only finally convinced to book their own Disney trips, but they are fighting over my free time to pick my brain. People have been asking me Disney questions on Twitter for months, but it’s so tough to share ideas and tips in 140 characters!

I need to share this information with all of you, so let’s have a new series of “Ask Resourceful Mommy” – Ask Resourceful Mommy Your Disney Questions!

To participate just ask in the comment sections of this post. Who will be first?

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