Ask Resourceful Mommy: Disney Edition – Answer

Alyssa from Life from My Laptop recently asked:

“How much money should we save before even booking a trip to Disney?”

If you are looking just at what the trip costs and not at options such as financing, you might be surprised at how affordable a trip can be!

For the sake of discussion*, I’m going to send you on a five night, six day dream vacation!
*for the sake of discussion….in other words, pay your own way, sister!

Prices are based on two adults and two children since any child under the age of 3 is free, free, free!

Transportation: Purchasing four tickets and holding your little babe on your lap will cost you about $900 with fun Gotta Get Away airfares currently available. Don’t mind the 10 hour drive? You’re looking at about $150 in gas.

Free Dining: If money is a concern – and let’s face it…it always is – then take advantage of special offers from Disney when planning your vacation. Travel during the value season and visit when Free Dining is offered! Get a hotel room with a fridge, take some breakfast items and snacks, and never have to pay for park food!

  • Value package: Your family can stay for five nights, play in the parks for six days, and eat for free for $1351.86
  • Moderate package: Want all of this fun plus a fun-themed moderate hotel room with a little more space to spread out? Your price is $1726.66
  • Deluxe package: If the affordability of a Disney vacation has inspired you to splurge on an amazing stay at a Deluxe resort, you’re going to need $2238.56
  • Total Cost: If you drive to Orlando, buy some snacks and breakfast items, stay at the All Star Music Resort, and purchase 6 days of tickets, your family can visit WDW during the week of Sept. 14th for….

$1550! A week of fun for a family of five for just over $1500 – more or less than you thought?

Do you have some Disney money saving tips? Share them in the comments!

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