#Ashamed Campaign Update – Victory!

I have heard from many of you in response to my participation in the #Ashamed movement asking Strong4Life to remove the following and similar billboards from Georgia streets:

Nearly every single person who has reached out to me in email or via comments has been in support of what we were trying to do – strongly encourage Strong4Life to remove the billboards and change the tactics of their anti-obesity campaign – and so I know that you will share in my excitement now.

Next month the remaining Strong4Life billboards will be taken down.  Leah from Mamavation wrote more about the next steps…

“Additional information about what is ahead with Strong 4 Life:

Here is what I CAN report. The billboards are being phased out in March. They will come down one by one in several zip codes in Atlanta, and later replaced by the next phase of billboards. I haven’t seen the creative images from the next campaign, but I’ve been promised by Patty Gregory, Communication Manager for Children’s Hospital of Atlanta via phone conversation, that they will NOT have the same “tone” as the ones above. In fact, I’ve been told the theme is quite different this time and should not involve any negative portrayals of children. I’ve also been promised it will revolve around “one step you can take” to start down the right path. Or something to that effect. I should have more information about specifics soon. I can’t say whether I support these new billboards or their next phase because I haven’t seen all the specifics. Don’t automatically assume that I won’t like what they do next. Sometimes I may surprise you.”

I will continue to monitor this campaign and their next steps and will update everyone here as developments unfold.  Thank you all for believing, as I do, that social media can be used to bring about positive change and that children are worth fighting to protect, even when they aren’t our own.

For more information on our victory, read the entire Mamavation post from Leah.

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  • Janet

    What wonderful news! My fingers are crossed that their new campaign will be a more positive one. 🙂

  • kymi a

    I have participated in 2 #ashamed chats, voiced my opinions & heard theirs and others. I was shocked there was even another chat we had to do, but it is all worth it to read news like this. Leah is an amazing leader as well as you too Resourceful Mom Awesome job great team work to everyone involved. Don’t mess with mama’s! woo!