The Approaching Storm

I have four posts I intended to write today. To be honest, three of them I intended to write earlier this week, but the unexpected earthquake and subsequent clean-up in my house left me feeling discombobulated and unproductive.  Then yesterday the reality of my baby going to kindergarten hit me like a ton of bricks when we went to the school and saw his class list.  Now today I’m waking up to the reality that my best friend’s not terribly secure home is directly in the path of what will likely be a Category 2 hurricane, and I desperately want her to pack her family up and drive three hours west to me. So am I writing these blog posts today?

Nope, I’m going to ready my house for the approaching storm: the tropical storm warning that we’re under, the impending power outages, the visitors with an indefinite stay, the first day of school.

When the storm passes I will post giveaways that will make your head spin ($500 gift card? what!?), but today, it’s my head that is spinning and I need to prepare for the storm.  Thank you for understanding.

Written by: Amy

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