Announcing Site Warming Twitter Parties by Resourceful Mommy!

It’s the classic story: Girl meets Twitter, Girl starts a Blog, Girl decides to have a Twitter Party for her Blog and a business is born!

Okay, so it’s not a classic story, but it’s mine.

When I began planning the Resourceful Mommy Site Warming Party, I had no idea how big the event would become or how much fun everyone would have. The prizes were unbelievable (thank you, vendors!), the panel was incredibly knowledgeable (thank you panel!), and the guests were a hostesses dream – they participated, they had fun, and they were gracious.

So gracious, in fact, that they asked me to make it a regular occurrence for other sites and businesses!

It makes perfect sense now that the idea that worked so beautifully for my site would also translate to other sites: businesses, blogs, social media….

So here I am, announcing that I will soon be having a launch of my own: Site Warming Twitter Parties by Resourceful Mommy! Already the first two parties are booked, and requests for information have been rolling in…

This is what I will offer:
– A Twitter Party, complete with a panel of experts: Do you want to talk about social media and business? Perhaps you’d like to focus on stay at home moms who are launching their own business. You choose a theme – I assemble a panel. Then I host, ask questions, moderate discussions! Cocktails not included.

– A Prize Package which I will find and organize, including follow up e-mails after the contest, which I will run.

Marketing: I will create a public Facebook Event announcement for the party, write a blog which can be cross-posted at other sites, and loads of Tweets! I’ll also be utilizing contest and freebie sites to announce the big event.

– The night of the actual event, I do what I do best – play hostess and facilitate the discussion with you and the other panel members.

– After the event, I will post a summary blog – much like I did with the Resourceful Mommy Site Warming Party – which links back to your site and can be cross-posted on other sites including yours and the vendors’ sites.

What Can a Site Warming Party Do for You?
– Increase your followers on Twitter
– Increase subscribers to your Blog
– Increase sales of your online products
– Increase interest in your online services
– Drive traffic to your site
In short…..create buzz like only a good party can!

Do You Have a Product to Promote?
If you’d like to see your product blogged, tweeted, and discussed by excited party-goers, then consider donating to an upcoming prize package.

Would You Like to Promote Yourself or Your Business?
Participating in a Site Warming Panel not only gives you a chance to display your level of expertise and increase your good Twitter Karma, but it also drives traffic to your site and increases your followers!

The fun is just starting, so be sure to check back often and enter to win upcoming prizes. There will be two Site Warming Parties in November, and the Resourceful Mommy Site Warming Party business launch party will be here in time for Christmas – with a prize package that will even make Saint Nick himself blush.

Want to book your own party now? Just send me an e-mail or a tweet and let me know you’re interested and would like more information.

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