Amy Unplugged (Survey Saturday)

With the summer nearly over, I’ve decided that it is time to take a week and unplug.  For one week Resourceful Mommy will be populated with “Best of…” posts, and I will not be hosting any Twitter Parties for an entire week.  Pick your jaw up off of the floor.  It’s true.  I swear.

I will be answering emails via my Blackberry only as needed, and only once or twice a day.  I will not turn on a computer.  Period.  Instead I will float on a lake with my daughter next to me on our raft, drive a boat past beautiful, dark green trees with deer lapping the water along the shore, and build sand castles with my son.  I will collect fresh water oyster shells in a bucket and play board games at night with my parents while we eat S’mores.  I will take my children to their daddy’s home town and they will meet their cousins for the first time.  I’ll probably get a sunburn.  It’s Texas.  It happens.

Then I will return refreshed, renewed, a little happier, a little pinker (I don’t tan), and ready to face another school year with crazy schedules and days that at once fill me with the joy of professional endeavors and the hollowness of children departed, off to learn and in the care of their teachers.

Have a great week and catch you on the flip side.

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  • Sounds wonderful… you’re bound to have a fabulous time (sounds like a movie trailer)

    As timing would have it, we will be moving — far less glamorous or relaxing. BUT, I’m with my family and that’s all that matters!


  • OMG, my Blackberry for sure!

  • Have a great week off!

  • JoeyfromSC

    Too funny that internet & air conditioning are tied lol..I chose internet!


    Have a blast..Sounds like it’s gonna be so relaxing!! You totally deserve the break..Tell us all about it when you return:)

  • JoeyfromSC

    P.S. I don’t tan either! lol

  • Sounds awesome. With that, I think I will head out to the pool. 🙂 Enjoy your time off.

  • Have an awesome time! We’re doing the same thing a week from today. I can’t wait.

  • We are debating getting rid of cable and we do not need AC all year long here. Since I am in the dark ages and do not have an iPhone or Crackberry (I dream about one), it would have to be internet.

    Good luck with the unplugged week. When we were at Disney in May 2009 I never checked anything for the entire week.