All-New Zarbee’s Naturals Kids’ Complete Multivitamins

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As a parent, I am one to pick my battles. I often let little things go to keep the peace, trading perfection for sanity and serenity. One of the things that we often do clash over in my home is food choices. While my 10-year-old is a very good eater who tries and likes nearly everything served to him, my 8-year-old would exist on nothing more than chicken nuggets and bacon if I would let him. While I am not the mom who forces food on a kid, I am concerned about him getting the necessary vitamins to keep his growing body strong and healthy.

Multivitamins have always been an important daily habit here. Let’s face it – I’m not winning every nutrition battle that comes down the pike. I need to make sure that even on the days where food aversions abound, my guys are still getting their bodies’ needs filled.

Many of the gummy vitamins we have tried in the past had artificial flavors, HFCS, and other sweeteners. I love finding products that include natural ingredients when I’m thinking about keeping my kids strong and healthy. Zarbee’s has recently released a line of gummy multivitamins that are “All Yum! No Yuck!” Each of the five formulas contains no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial sweeteners or flavors, and no gelatin. Ingredients include honey, natural flavors, and fruit-based pectin.


One of our biggest issues around here is the fact that, in the words of my 8 year old, vitamins taste too “vitamin-y”. Finding a multivitamin that includes everything that we need but has a taste my kids enjoy is a serious challenge. The all-new Zarbee’s multivitamins can help to fill nutritional gaps without any of the funny ingredients that are often found in gummy vitamins. They’re sweetened with honey and have a mixed-fruit flavor that gets two thumbs up at our house, even from the Prince of Picky.

We were excited to discover that Zarbee’s Naturals Kids’ Complete Multivitamins come in several different formulas, including Toddler (2+), Children’s (4+), Pre-teen (9+).My older son was excited that he gets his own pre-teen multivitamin, while my younger one is taking the children’s version. He frequently enjoys reminding me how he is “not a child anymore.” Bless his heart. They have to share so much, being close in age, it’s nice to have an option where they each get their own multivitamin that’s tailored to their age group.

Want to try them for yourself? New Zarbee’s Naturals Kids’ Complete Multivitamins are available exclusively at Target stores, nationwide.  

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  • Barbara Esposito

    Thanks for your review. I have been searching for the right vitamin for my 6 year old who eats next to nothing!
    However, I cant find them. Target has other Zarbees but not these.
    Any suggestions?