Advent Calendars

Today is the first Sunday of Advent, or in my house, the first Sunday that I can decorate the house for Christmas, sing “O Holy Night” at the top of my lungs, buy a Christmas tree and not feel guilty.  It is also when I will display my Advent Calendars and begin the countdown to Christmas day.

I remember the Advent calendars from my childhood.  They were cardboard boxes with winter scenes printed on them along with the numbers one through twenty-five.  I remember the excitement of opening a new “hidden window” each night to discover a chocolate treat inside.

We countdown to Christmas in a variety of ways including a hanging Santa calendar with a candy cane marker.  We’ve already got Santa hanging in our kitchen, candy cane poised and ready for December 1st.  We’ve also got a countdown sign with a piece of chalk to track the days until Santa arrives.  This year we also have the Advent Calendar reinvented courtesy of Playmobil, with each day providing a new small toy.  After every window has been opened, your children will have an entire scene, complete with figurines.  Playmobil provided my family with the “Christmas in the Forest” set for review, and I like that it includes toys rather than candy.  I also like that it is a perfect fit for little boys, while many other Advent calendars are geared towards little girls.

How does your family count down the days until Christmas? Also, watch for my upcoming holiday toy guide for boys!

Written by: Amy

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