Adhesive Reminder Tags aka I Wish I Could Text My 5th Grader

In 2013 I wrote a book called Raising Digital Families For Dummies, and for a few months I spent countless hours telling reporters, radio DJ’s, and television talk show hosts that parents need to set strict digital limits for their children, creating digital family contracts that legislate everything from screen time allowances to cell phone charging stations. “Don’t hand over the keys to the digital kingdom too soon!” I cautioned parents.

Then I realized how often I wish I could text my child.

My most recent texting urge came while I was standing in the children’s shoe section of Target on Monday. I went to Target to pick up just one thing – a birthday present for a soon-to-be nine year old boy – and instead realized that my eleven year old daughter had nothing appropriate to wear to church on Easter Sunday. Sundress, cardigan sweater, dressy sandals….WHAT SIZE? We are not a family of fashionistas and instead of shopping together for fun throughout the year, I buy my kids clothes and shoes only a couple times a year in epic shopping outings that make me question my will to live. I then spend the next twelve months reminding my daughter that she has more than one pair of shoes and should wear them or else face my wrath. The result? I honestly have no idea what size feet my children have except for in that moment when I’m with them, purchasing their twice a year new shoes.

I texted my husband at work to see if by some weird chance he had looked at our daughter’s shoe size recently.


 I bought size 5 with an adjustable strap and crossed my fingers that they would work. IF ONLY I COULD TEXT HER AND ASK HER WHAT SIZE SHOES SHE WEARS.

Next up? The Container Store to buy just one thing – organizer trays for my master bathroom drawers – and I stumbled upon this end wall display, calling to me, asking me to fill my cart:


Confession: I have a secret crush on 3M. They can do no wrong in my mind. An entire wall of 3M solutions for my life nearly brought me to my knees.

Then I saw the solution to my most frequent texting impulse, the IF ONLY I COULD TEXT AND REMIND HER TO *insert task she is supposed to remember at school* dilemma.



Most mornings I send my kids out the door with some sort of reminder along the lines of the following:

  • Don’t forget to get your library book from your reading classroom.
  • Don’t forget to bring your Friday Folder home today…on Monday.
  • Don’t forget to stop by the office and pick up any newsletter submissions.
  • Don’t forget…

Notes in folders don’t work because folders are closed and inside backpacks and desks. A carefully timed text would do wonders, but alas, my daughter still doesn’t have a phone and I still can’t text her during the school day. This morning’s conversation regarding phone rules next year in middle school resulted in general confusion about what is and is not allowed.

But now I’ve got my secret weapon. These notes meant to keep women and their purse straps on task throughout the day are now going to be used in my home as backpack strap reminder tags. I see my daughter’s future and it’s covered in aqua blue notes, waving in the wind like Tibetan prayer flags, guiding her to remember everything from her lunchbox to her violin to permission slips. No more will I grumble, IF ONLY I COULD TEXT A REMINDER during the day. I’ll have started my day by lining up tag after tag of “don’t forgets” thanks to my loves at 3M.

Now if only someone could tell me what size shoes my kids wear.

This post is in no way sponsored and no product was provided. However, 3M? Call me, maybe?


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  • I am equally clueless on my kids sizes, LOL. I only know my 10 year old daughters because she keeps stealing all of my shoes.

    As for those reminder tags, I NEED some. They would be perfect to stick on my husbands coffee mug when I think of something after he’s gone to bed.