10 Days to Fight AIDS

Everyday 1,000 babies are born with HIV.

Every. Day.

By 2015 that number could be nearly zero, and I want us (yes Us, you and me) to be part of that change.

For the next ten days from June 1st to June 10th, (RED) is running the (RED)RUSH to Zero (#REDRUSH) campaign, and we can all do our part to  make this campaign – the beginning of the end of AIDS – a success.

The Goal: Getting 1.4 million HIV+ pregnant women on medication.

The Cost: This life saving medicine costs only 40 cents a day.  See how I didn’t even need a dollar sign?

(RED) has already raised $190 million with 100% of those funds going to work on the ground in Africa, and now they are asking us to support them for just ten days.

Love that – they’ve brought $190 million (million) to the table, and they are asking us for ten days of support. We can do this, right? (yes We, you and I)

They’ve even made it easy for us.

Right now you can visit REDRUSH.com to check out the many ways you can get involved, and for those of you who, like me, love a good visual, they’ve even got graphics to walk you through the ways you can help.  Like your details in writing? Check out the (RED) blog for more information.

It’s easy.  You can tweet (#REDRUSH), you can blog, you can buy a (RED) product, play in the a video game tournament (did you read that? play video games to save the lives of babies!), check in on foursquare, buy some concert tickets, purchase some music, sponsor some women driving across Europe, gift a t-shirt as a gift, watch and share a video, support (RED) on Facebook.

Did you see something that works for you?  How about two or three things?

I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and not only blog and tweet, but share this powerful video with you now (reading in email? Click on through to the blog post, friends):

10 Days. 10 Ways to Fight AIDS.  How many will you choose?


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