Zazoo Kids Photo Clock

From the moment we moved our son from his crib to a big boy bed, we knew there was going to be an issue.  This is our first “successful” attempt to get Noah to sleep in his big boy bed…


Even once we conquered the going to bed issue with our son, we continued to have a staying in bed issue.  It’s tough to explain to a little guy with light blocking curtains and big love for mommy snuggles that morning is the appropriate time to get out of bed and cuddle mom and dad.

One of my goals in launching this site was to bring you resourceful parenting ideas, including products.  I have to admit that this goal has gone off the rails and while the name remains Resourceful Mommy, the site’s content has become a window into my sometimes wacky life.  Yet the idea of resourceful finds is always in my mind.  That’s why I stopped moments before hitting the delete button when I got an email from Zazoo Kids about the ZAZOO Photo Clock™.

What if you could put a clock in your small child’s bedroom that shows them what time it is without your child needing to understand time itself?  Stay with me on this one…

The ZAZOO Photo Clock shows children visually when it is time to stay in bed or get up to start the day.  Not only can you use the clock for bedtime and morning wake up routines, but the clock also features  a naptime setting, which you can use for everything from daytime naps to reading in bed (Emma, I’m looking at you, girl.  Go to bed means go to bed!!!).  Each clock comes with pre-programmed images that show your child that it is time to get out of the bed…or not.

Morning wake up images include:


Want to remind your little guy that 5 a.m. does not mean go wake mommy up with a pillow to the face?  Try these images:


Each clock can also be personalized with uploaded images and your child’s name.  You can even use special images for special occasions such as your child’s birthday!  While these additional features are cool, to me the real value is in the ability to show your child with a clear image that it is time to stay in bed or it is time to get up.  Now that’s resourceful!


For more information about the ZAZOO Photo Clock, visit  Product was provided for review, but I was going to tell you about the genius find regardless.  All opinions and challenging little non-sleepers referenced above are my own.





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