Yahoo! Shine Get It Guide Fitness Twitter Party

It’s time for another Mamavation Twitter Party with Leah Segedie, @Bookieboo!

From Leah…

Join us on Thursday, January 19th from 9-10pm EST (8-9pm CST AND 6-7pm PST) for a ONE HOUR twitter party with Yahoo! Shine profiling their Fitness Get It Guide as we chat about ways you can get back into shape this new year. Yahoo! Shine and I will be sharing the top rated products this year from the Get it Guide Fitness Edition and giving away some fabulous prizes.

Check out the awesomeness that is the Get It Guide for Fitness.

1. Bob Harper Kettlebells. OMG, I love Bob Harper. In fact, Ive worked out with him and I’ve interviewed him. He’s a cutie pie and told me at Blog Her I had a “nice pushup.”  I could have fainted. About kettle bell workouts, they are fabulous and highly recommended as a great way for women to strength train. Kettle bells are recommended by all sorts of serious fitness professionals and are ALSO great for beginners.

2. Jackie Warner. This chick means business. I love her workouts. I have this one as well. My favorite saying of Jackie Warner is “hate me now, love me later.” Everything she does is concise and meant to NOT waste your time. You will be sore after this workout. I promise you.

3. Zumba Fitness. Zumba is fun. If you like dancing, you gotta try out Zumba. Anyone can do this type of workout at any level, ESPECIALLY if you like to dance. And the great thing about dancing is it doesn’t feel like exercise, it feels like fun. So I recommend Zumba to anyone who is starting OR someone who wants a break from their normal routine with something really fun. Dance off the weight and have fun doing it.

4. Insanity. Okay, this is for the people who want HIGH INTENSITY. This workout is NOT for the faint of heart. Sweat pouring off your face to the floor. Lots of water needed. Great endorphins after. Let’s put it this way—Get ready to get your ass handed to you!

Sponsor: Yahoo! Shine Get It Guide

Hashtag: #GetItGuide

When: Thursday, January 19th from 9-10pm EST

What the heck is a Twitter Party? Click here for that information.


1. @Bookieboo–Hostess with the Mostess
2. @Resourcefulmom–Twitter Oprah (That means giveaways YO!)
3. @Momma_oz–Panelist, Mamavation Mom Graduate
4. @Kwidrick–Panelist
5. @SkinnyEmmie — Panelist

Giveaways (You must be present to win!):

1. $100 Amazon gift card
2. Bob Harper Kettlebells Fitness DVD
3. Zumba Fitness DVD
4. Jackie Warner Abs Fitness DVD
5. Insanity Fitness DVD

How to Enter: To RSVP and enter to win please visit the party post at See you there!

Written by: Amy

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