The Write Stuff


When I began blogging nearly two years ago (where does the time go!?), I never knew that someday I would be combining blogging with business. My Twitter marketing business began organically, stemming naturally and yet unexpectedly from work to promote my own site. The Global Influence network came directly from my personal frustration with companies asking bloggers for stats, making them feel small and far less influential than they really are.

While I’ve tried to maintain a balance between that inner writer who editorializes on everything around her and the businesswoman who truly loves what she does, there are many days when I yearn to just write. But of course there is never time and space for everything…

In order to return to my writing roots, I’ve decided to make a concerted effort to return to writing in more locations. Originally I blogged here at Resourceful Mommy, wrote freelance articles, pro-blogged, and contributed content to Type-A Mom as a topic editor and to the Blissfully Domestic family section. When the marketing business took off, I quit my job as a pro-blogger and no longer accepted freelance writing assignments. Eventually the volunteer writing at Type-A Mom and Blissfully Domestic were also cast to the side as I found less and less time to write on my own site. Now I am forcing myself to find a better balance and allow increased time to write.

Beginning today I will be contributing articles from time to time – if they’ll continue to have me! – for MOMeo Magazine. I was involved in the launch of both the MOMeo Community and the online work, MOMeo Magazine, and am thrilled to join them as a contributing blogger. Please check out my first piece, Good fences make good business: Setting boundaries should be the first task for any new MOMeo.

I am also honored to have been accepted as a writer for DC Metro Moms. While I am thrilled to have to the chance to interact with readers from all over the country and the world, I often feel a disconnect from local bloggers and moms. Watch for posts from me soon!

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