World Vision in Japan

While there are probably a multitude of ways that we can send aid – financial and otherwise – to the people of Japan during this horrible time, I received an email from the folks at World Vision today providing ways that bloggers can spread the word about what they are doing in the region.  I added a fundraising bar above my header, but there are many other options to help get the word out and support World Vision’s efforts. If you are a blogger, please consider using the following tools and/or sharing the following information with your readers:

Currently, World Vision Japan has deployed assessment teams to affected areas to determine needs and formulate a relief response plan. World Vision U.S. has deployed an aid worker from Seattle who is en route to Japan at this moment. Several countries still face tsunami threats. The World Vision office in those countries is monitoring the situation closely.

For ongoing updates on World Vision’s relief response:
See updates to the World Vision Blog:
Follow @WorldVisionUSA and @WorldVisionNews on Twitter
See our Facebook page for prayer-specific messages:
Any video available will be available on

Text to give option (share this on your blog or Twitter): Text “4JAPAN” to “20222” to give a $10 donation
Website donations (share or include this link to direct donations to the WV website):
Banners — We have the GIF banner ads below available in several sizes. See bottom of email for codes.
Hello bar (to be placed on a specific page or on the global html for your blog)
View demo here:
Info on how to utilize here:

___get code underneath___

<script src=”//”></script>
<script type=”text/javascript”>new HelloBar(13235,9689);</script>
<noscript>World Vision responds to massive quake & tsunami in Japan.<a href=”;amt=50&amp;num=371&amp;campaign=1290084“>Donate now to help.</a>

____code provided above___

Graphics for your Site:

<a target=’_blank’ href=’′><img width=300 height=250 style=’border:0px’ src=’’></a>
<a target=’_blank’ href=’′><img width=160 height=600 style=’border:0px’ src=’’></a>
<a target=’_blank’ href=’′><img width=120 height=600 style=’border:0px’ src=’’></a>
<a target=’_blank’ href=’′><img width=728 height=90 style=’border:0px’ src=’’></a>

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