Window Covering Safety Council Twitter Party

October is National Window Covering Safety Month!  Join us for a fun and informative chat with the Window Covering Safety Council.  Learn the best practices to keep your family safe and enter for a chance to win valuable gift cards while sharing your own stories.  We hope to see you at…

Window Covering Safety Council Twitter Party

When: Wednesday, October 19th from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. ET

Where: #WCsafetymonth on Twitter

How: Follow host @ResourcefulMom and sponsor @cordsafety on Twitter and tweet with the tag during the event.  Want to join the conversation now?  Like the Window Covering Safety Council on Facebook:


– 8 (eight) winners will each receive a $25 same as cash gift card

– 1 (one) winner will receive a $50 same as cash gift card

– 1 (one) winner will receive a $100 same as cash gift card


About the Window Covering Safety Council

The Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) is a coalition of major U.S. manufacturers, importers and retailers of window coverings dedicated to educating consumers about window cord safety.

Since its inception in 1994, the WCSC has remained steadfast in its mission to:

  • educate Americans about potential window-cord hazards facing young children
  • provide consumers with free retrofit kits and information
  • promote the industry’s continuing commitment to product quality and safety

As part of its ongoing public information campaign to increase cord-safety awareness, WCSC regularly disseminates news and informational materials through the media and through partnerships with various public and private organizations concerned with child safety, health and well being.

In addition, WCSC provides consumers with free cord-retrofit kits via an on-line order form and its toll-free number at 1-800-506-4636.

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  • Well this is a timely post, just yesterday I was talking about how I need to get something up in my son’s room before winter, his windows right now only have mini-blinds.

  • tiffany ard

    I will be attending! @tiffany053p

  • See you there!

  • Will put it down on the calender. Such an important but often overlooked safety issue. I remember being stunned when I found out a child at my son’s daycare had died from being tangled up on the cord of the blinds by his bed.

  • Sonya

    I will be there! I love the Facebook page! I have already learned to leave my blinds in the locked position!

  • I’m excited to learn more about window covering safety. @lifebycynthia

  • I’m attending!

  • lisa

    interesting. i’m sure i will learn something from this party! @cestallion

  • This should be a very informative party, thank you. Looking forward to it! RSVP- @kwillsmom

  • Can’t wait! LOVE information!

  • I can’t wait to learn more about window covering safety.

  • Dana Esker

    See you there @esker3

  • Marla Zickefoose

    @SavingUGreenMom looking forward to the party!

  • anne

    genius idea for a party like this just b4 winter comes!

  • stacy h

    @organicmommyluv T

  • My kids are older, but I still have the blind cords separated. I placed all of their beds and cribs away from windows as well.

  • My kids are older but I’m so glad you are bringing attention to this issue!

  • petritia selvi

    looking forward for the party

  • William Patterson

    What fantastic prizes, looking forward to the twitter party!

  • Important topic – thanks for hosting!

  • I’ve been looking at their facebook page and I wish they would at the very least tweet their facebook posts. They have a twitter account but they don’t seem to use it.

  • Tracie Vandermeulen

    I will be there….thanks!!! @tracievan

  • kimberly velkovski

    rsvp for the party …. i’m crossing my fingers i’ll be home in time!

  • courtney

    count me in! @meandbells

  • I am so happy that you are covering a very important topic.

  • Looks like a fun party!

  • JoeyfromSC

    safety is very important & I know sadly, so many kids die/are injured from the blind cords:(

    Tweet y’all there!


  • Paula Brown

    I look forward to the twitter party tonight!

  • see you tonight!

  • see you at the twitter party 🙂

  • Rsvping twitter name @Neilzabka918

  • Also liked you on FB. 🙂

  • Alea

    I’ll be there!

  • Marlyn

    Let’s get started!

  • bikeohio

    I’m late!

  • Jenny Ham

    Ready for the party