Wii Fit is My Frenemy

I was hoping that today would be the day that I was able to tell everyone that I am down ten pounds as I continue on this journey to live a healthier lifestyle, but it hasn’t quite happened.  With that said, I am down nine pounds and feeling fantastic!  Over the weekend I went out and purchased all new jeans in one size smaller than I normally wear.  I cannot even put into words the feeling that I had as I stood in those dressing rooms, tangible proof that my hard work is paying off.  It is motivating me to continue to work hard and make these changes in diet and lifestyle permanent changes that benefit not only my health, but my entire family’s.

Along the way, however, I know there will be negative messages that slip in among the praise and guidance I’m receiving from the Mamavation Sistahood and the moments of triumph like those that I had this weekend.  As crazy as it sounds, one of the most negative “voices” I’m hearing as I work hard to change is coming from one of the tools that I am using – my Wii Fit. Anyone who has ever stepped on to a Wii Balance Board for a body test has heard that little “Ooh!” sound it makes as though it is startled by the sudden pressure of your weight.  I also use the Wii Fit to track my weight loss and changes in strength and balance, which unfortunately means that I have to see their view of my Mii and what she thinks of herself.  When it tells me that I’m still obese and she looks sadly down at her body – which they’ve nicely puffed up for my viewing pleasure – I want to throw my Wiimote at the screen.  When I go back out to the menu screen and I see our family of Mii’s, all of them stick skinny except for robust Mii, I also get frustrated.  I’m happy for the changes that I’ve seen in my body, my balance, and my weight due in part to my Wii Fit, but I could do without the frenemy nature of our relationship.

What negative messages are you hoping to tune out this week while you continue to work hard to change your life?

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  • I know EXACTLY what you are talking about, and honestly, at this point I just laugh at the Wii Fit. I’ve noticed that my obese Mii can’t even clap her hands together, since apparently my stomach is SO HUMONGOUS that my arms can’t reach across. Give me a break! I do love it as a fitness tool and keep using it, but it’s such a joke with that part.

    My negative voice this week actually comes from my doctor, who I saw last week. She told me to my face that my weight is “sad” and that I must not be “getting it” or else I would be a lot healthier/skinnier. Fortunately, I met the next day with the folks from the American Heart Association, who are taking me through their BetterU program, and they were much more encouraging. I guess that’s the key – finding stronger, more positive voices to outdo the negative ones. GOOD LUCK to you! (and congrats on the 9 pounds!!!0

    • Amy

      Thank you, Stacey, and I’m glad that you’ve found a source of encouragement! I went for a physical a few months ago and my doctor actually smiled and said, “My husband is a graphic artist. I get the sitting at the computer trying to keep clients happy problem.” She told me that I’m not doing that bad and just try to move more. Now THAT is what I needed to hear. And now I’m moving 🙂

  • Tracy

    This made me giggle as I just started with the Wii Fit myself. I too noticed the “Oh!” It was nice to know someone else puffed up their Mii to be honest 😉 Thanks for the post, I enjoyed it.

  • Have you been using Wii Fit as your main method of exercise? I am always teasing my mom that her little exercises can’t possibly get her heartrate up enough. Guess I stand corrected!

    …and yes that darn Wii can certainly take the wind right out of your sails. I think it’s supposed to be enoucagement but my mom says when it does things like that she feel like throwing her controller at the television.

    • Amy

      Katie, no it is definitely not my main source, although if you really do the things it tells you to do like the running, the step, and OMG – the hula hoop!, you definitely burn tons of calories. I use it for a system of accountability, although the snark is wearing thin. 🙁 (get it? thin?) LOL

  • I’m so proud of you Amy! You are doing amazing and should be proud of those 9 lbs!! You have earned every one of them and more! The negative messages I hear are my own. Darn voices in my head need to start focusing on the positive stuff right? 🙂

    • Amy

      Yes, definitely focus on the positive!!!

  • I hear you on the wii Fit Oh….That’s obese….
    Have been doing for so long, now I just say “Whatever”
    And when it says, “it’s been 7 day since your last body test”, I can only answer “Can you blame me?”
    Have an awesome week!!!

  • Wow, I can’t believe the wii fit does that, though I would love to have one we don’t have the wii fit yet

  • I kinda like my Mii’s round little body. I do think the Wii people could have a “self-esteem friendly” option for people who really don’t wish to see themselves that way, but I don’t have a problem with it, personally. I guess it’s a matter of what motivates you. I see that sad, tubby little Mii and want to make her smile! Some people might just want to wring her neck. ;0)

  • yeah the wii fit is not kind at all! I practically mute my Wii while I do my body test. I do however love the Golds gym cardio workout when I am finished. It tells me my virtual age based on my boxing scores and I just love thinking I am 21 again!!! lol

    Congrats on your loss…you are doing great!

  • I know exactly what you’re talking about. The Wii Fit is enough to make even a healthy gal doubt herself. Good for you for all the progress you’ve made, and for not letting the frenemy bring you down!

  • Carol

    Congratulations on your 9 pounds! And … a size smaller! Wahoo!

    I’ve been struggling to get going on this fitness thing and you’ve encouraged me! I hit the treadmill last night! {that was huge!}

    And, boy, I got a good chuckle from you on the Wii saying “Ohh” … it cracks me up every time! Don’t listen to that negative voice!

  • once i tried out ea sports active i realized that wii fit was really discouraging. it’d be like “seems like you’re getting tired” and that’d make me want to stop rather than keep going.

  • Janet

    I’ve heard of the frenemy portion of things and agree with you completely about it. It’s something that I would find offensive. Now, with that being said, let’s move on to the happy part of my reply and that is CONGRATULATIONS! *high-five* Way to go! I hope you reach your goal, Amy. But no matter what may or may not happen, it’s what’s inside that counts & your friends and family will always love you for simply being you. *Big Hug*

  • Paula schuck

    Good for you! Be proud. That is amazing.


    My negatives come from my grandma voice saying that I have the Hobson butt etc. But my body is getting so much stronger and my arms are getting defined.