Why Disney 2.0

While recently making some edits to my site, I discovered a blog post I had written several years ago called Why Disney, taking a fun look at what inspires families to return to Disney Parks. The post includes Twitter users’ responses to the question, “What keeps bringing families back year after year, generation after generation?”

I thought it would be fun to take an updated look at answers to the question, “Why Disney?” 

“I love Disney because not only do I get to see it through the eyes of my child, but I get to be a kid again myself. It is truly a magical place!” – @heatherslg
“We love Disney because it helps us create so many family memories together! It is a vacation that fits the needs of everyone in our family; from food to rides, we can all find our favorites and have a great time together!” – @beingmommywithstyle
“I love Disney because it makes me feel young! Also, it’s a way for me to bond with my kids.” – PrettyinBabyFood.com
“I love it because I always have fun and I’m always surprised by something. I also turn into an optimist while I’m there.” – ReallyAreYouSerious.com
“I love Disney because of its attention to detail. It’s why I never get tired of going to the parks! I still discover hidden gems after dozens of trips.” – AmyEverAfter.com
“I love Disney because it transports me to a MAGICAL world where there are no deadlines, no meetings, no bills, and no drama. My primary goal while at Disney is to simply find my inner child and let her breathe.” – TeamMom365.com
“I love Disney because every trip is different. There’s always something new to experience each visit.” – YourDisneyHomegirl on TikTok
“I love all the details, design, and art everywhere. I walk around in awe every time I visit any of the parks, and I always discover something new. The talent and skill that goes into all of it is so inspiring!” – 100directions.com
“There’s so much to love about Disney. It’s truly an immersive experience and not replicated anywhere. The attention to detail and hidden surprises and Easter eggs are part of what makes repeat visits so very magical and different each time!” – ThisMamaLoves.com
“I grew up visiting Disney, so it holds a special place in my heart from my childhood. To re-experience it through the eyes of my children is like discovering the magic all over again. I love seeing them mesmerized by the characters, delighted by the treats, and thrilled by the rides – just like I am again and again.” – TheSuburbanMom.com
“I absolutely love Disney because I literally grew up only 5 miles from Disneyland. I went to Disney countless times while growing up and I remember quite a bit from the park! When I think of Disney, I think of my childhood memories. Right now, I live only 1.5 hours away from Walt Disney World! My husband and I have had the wonderful privilege of letting our sons grow up knowing the magic of Disney because they themselves have been countless times.” – Mackintosh Travels

So tell me – why do you love Disney?

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