What’s for Lunch? Sara Lee Mini Bagels (with giveaway)

Last week began with all of the typical first day kindergartner(‘s mom) jitters.

– What should Emma wear?

– What will Emma think?

– What do I pack in her lunchbox!?!

The timing could not have been better because we were in the process of trying Sara Lee’s new Soft & Smooth mini-bagels. I had a chance to sample these little guys at the Sara Lee Nutrition Summit and loved them. I seriously enjoy a big, bleached flour, poppy-seed bagel slathered with incredibly unhealthy cream cheese, so I was a little concerned at first glance, but was pleasantly surprised! The varieties are all either made with whole wheat flour (blueberry, cinnamon and plain) or 100% whole wheat. With each bagel weighing in at only 100 calories, the serving size/calorie issue of a traditional bagel is avoided. And then it hit me…they’re also perfect Emma size…

The first day of school, Emma took a “bagel sandwich” in her lunchbox made with whole grain blueberry Soft & Smooth mini and my family’s favorite, low fat Philadelphia cream cheese. She loved the idea of eating a non-traditional sandwich, and I loved the idea of combining a fruit, a fiber, and a major source of protein into one little, easy-to-eat item.

I still needed to spice things up! We also headed over to the grocery store and let Emma choose a new food item to try. Last week she chose vanilla yogurt covered raisins from Sunmaid, and I’ve been throwing a few of those into a small container with plain raisins and Goldfish pretzels for a simple and yummy trail mix. A fun ice container, 100% juice box, and half a banana rounded out the contents of her lunch…along with a napkin note from mom.

Mid-week we changed things up and Emma enjoyed the 100% whole wheat bagels, and by the end of the week we tried yet another variety…but more on that for my next lunchtime post!

Would your family like to try Sara Lee Soft & Smooth mini-bagels or any of the Sara Lee Fresh Bakery products? Unfortunately, my region of the country does not offer Sara Lee Fresh Bakery items, and while I’m going to continue to search for relatives willing to ship the bagels to my home (so far central Pennsylvania did not work…), I’m going to pass along coupons for products to you in the meantime!

Five winners will each receive five coupons good for any one Sara Lee Fresh Bakery product up to $5.00! There are multiple ways to enter:

1. Tell me your favorite lunch food!

2. Subscribe to Resourceful Mommy

3. Become a fan of Sara Lee Soft & Smooth on Facebook

4. Tweet about this giveaway

This contest is open to all U.S. residents age 18 or older and ends Wednesday, September 23rd. Good luck!

Written by: Amy

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