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The Ark Adventure As a mom blogger, marketer, and freelance writer, I am faced with frequent opportunities to support wonderful charities and interesting projects. But how do I best incorporate those opportunities into Resourceful Mommy? – With Resourceful Gives Back!

I want to start by introducing you to The Ark Adventure is utilizing one of the best resources on the internet – Mom Bloggers – to raise money for Heifer International. Heifer International was started over 60 years ago on the basic premise that people want to help themselves if someone will give them a hand up…not a hand out. By providing animals and teaching the recipients how to not only care for the animal but also about good breeding techniques as well as good agriculture techniques, Heifer International provided people stuck in the cycle of overwhelming poverty a way to break that cycle and help their families and communities.

How Can You Help?
1. Donate
2. Include donating to The Ark Adventure as a bonus entry in your online giveaways
3. Blog about The Ark Adventure on your own site

With just a $1 donation, we can stop starvation….together.

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