Welcome to Family Eden

Friday, November 14th we will be Site Warming Family Eden on Twitter at 9pm EST. Before you join us to speak with amazing panelists and win great prizes, take a moment and learn about this amazing site!

Welcome to Family Eden. From your very first glimpse of this site, you know that it is unlike any other social media tool available today. Rather than faces appearing in boxes and precursory statuses listed as if in some sort of online roll call, you are greeted by a playground, a fountain, gardens, a beautiful white building with stately columns – an Eden for your family and friends to enjoy and utilize.

Once inside this world, you can relax in your personal studio. Complete with a “television” for viewing videos uploaded by family, a beautiful glass cabinet for storing treasures, shelves to hold your online learning successes and so much more, this studio can truly be your home on the internet. Community members at Family Eden may wish to make us of over 1500 e-learning courses currently available on-line, and each of these completed courses can be tracked inside your studio. Are you interested in blogging, but not ready to create a site of your own? Click on your studio’s blog couch and begin writing either for your own pleasure or to share with others! Perhaps while you’re journaling on your blog you would like to set personal goals. To help you move forward and complete these goals, post them on your studio wall. And just when you thought you had taken complete advantage of all this online oasis has to offer, you find that you can not only wish for specific items to help you complete those goals or celebrate upcoming events and holidays, but you can actually shop online right from Family Eden. Once someone in your community has granted you a wish, be sure to thank them….right there on the thank you board inside your private studio.

When you are ready to share and interact with loved ones, move from your personal studio to what is the hub of activity for every family – the family room. The family room is more than just a tool. Mirroring the same interaction that you would find with family and friends in the real world, the Family Eden family room provides you with a virtual space in which to gather. Share your secret recipe with your children away at college by placing it in the treasure cabinet, blog about the tough day you had at work so that your parents in another country can share your struggles, or even wish for a special something that you had in mind for an upcoming birthday. All of these things and more can be organized in one beautifully structured, shared space. And with password protection, you know that Grandma’s recipe for homemade pasta sauce is safe.

With Family Eden, the possibilities for personal growth and online sharing are endless. Not only will families and friends enjoy the ability to create not only an individual but a shared space online, but other community organizations will find Family Eden to be an infinitely useful tool. Church youth groups, college professors and their students, even businesses will find that the blogging, video, and calendar features are a fabulous way to enhance the way they currently communicate. With password protection Family Eden offers something truly priceless to groups and families – peace of mind.

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