A Week in Reviews: Part 3

It has been four days since I last posted, which for me feels like a lifetime! There is so much that I want to write, so much I want to share….but first things first.

It’s time for A Week in Reviews: Part 3! While I have decided to scale back the time spent reviewing new products, books, and services, some are just too interesting or, quite frankly, too resourceful to pass up the chance to try. So yes, it’s Tuesday. And no, the week does not begin on a Tuesday. But bear with me as I introduce some great new somethings to you and don’t forget to keep an eye out for reviews that include a giveaway!
Written by: Amy

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A Week in Reviews Part 2

(photo credit: “Stuff on Cats” by Mihnea-TM)

A few times a day I hear from companies asking me to review products on my blog. Before I will even accept an item to review, I complete extensive research on that product. Some products immediately receive a thanks, but no thanks. They either are not a fit for this site, not a fit for my family, or just….well, some products are strange! If I don’t believe from the product description alone that readers will benefit from knowing about the product, then there is no reason for me to move forward.

If the product is in some way medical, I take it one step further. In the last couple of months I was asked more than once to review a product that related to a common infection in small children. I checked with two family practice doctors regarding the science behind the product and was told that not only did the product rely on faulty reasoning, but it was also not somehting they would recommend using on a child regardless due to the method of use. Sometimes, however, these products are exciting, and I look forward to sharing them with you because as parents we all know how frightening it can be to care for a hurt or sick child. The perfect example of one such review is the Kidz-Med Thermofocus 5-in-1 Thermometer. To this day that is one of the products that I am most proud of sharing with my readers.

This week I am revisiting my “A Week in Reviews” theme to bring you more fun, useful, and interesting products:

Day 1: Protect-A-Bed Premium Mattress Protector from http://www.protectabed.com/

Day 2: Natura Natura Pedic(TM) and NaturLatex(TM) Pillows from http://www.naturaworld.com/

Day 3: The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget: Save Money. Save Time. Save the Planet. by Josh Dorfman along with green works by Clorox

Day 4: Products from Eco Shoppe found at http://www.ecoshoppe.com/

Day 5: StaphASeptic by http://www.staphaseptic.com/

Day 6: Preview of products I’m testing right now!
Written by: Amy

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