A Week in Reviews Part 2 – Day 5: Staphaseptic

I really hesitate to review any medical related products, especially those aimed at children, but in this case my prior research did not uncover anything questionable about the product, and the bottom line is that this product is a resourceful addition to my medicine cabinet!

StaphAseptic is a wound care gel that prevents skin infections, including infections from the bacteria that causes MRSA.

As I wrote during the cold and flu season, not all antibiotic ointments and other preventative products are created equal! My normal wound care routine includes cleaning the wound, applying an antibiotic ointment, and covering the wound. I will now be replacing my normal antibiotic ointment for two reasons:
  1. I believe that the extra protection against the form of staph that causes MRSA is worth the switch.
  2. I appreciate that StaphAseptic includes the ingredient Lidocaine, which soothes the pain caused by the injuries my children suffer from most: brushburns.

To learn more about MRSA prevention and StaphAseptic, visit http://staphaseptic.com/.

Written by: Amy

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