A Week in Reviews Part 2 – Day 6: Previews!

Sometimes an item cannot simply be reviewed after just a day or two. Some products need to be used over time to really get a feel for how well they work. Right now I am working on two reviews for Resourceful Mommy that are really long term projects.

EA Sports Active 30 Day Challenge:

I am four days into the 30 Day Challenge and already I can feel the burn! I like this workout so much more than just the Wii Fit alone because rather than feeling like I’m using my body to play a game, I feel very much like I am completing a serious, prescribed workout. We’ll see if I can keep it up and reach my goals!
Netflix viewed through Roku:
I have maybe gone to see a movie in the theater five times in five years because my husband and I are just not motivated to go through the time, effort, and money it takes for a night out on the town (or even to the local movie theater). Around Valentine’s Day I wrote about the perfect date, and it involved renting a movie. Honestly, renting a movie when you’ve got two small children in the house and a busy schedule can be very expensive because returning it on time is nearly impossible. That’s the beauty of the Roku! I can’t wait to tell you how my family enjoys spending a summer getting caught up on all the movies we’ve missed over the last few years.
Written by: Amy

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