A Week in Reviews Part 2 – Day 3: "The Lazy Environmentalist" and green works by Clorox

Recently there has been a lot of talk from everyone – including me – about Greening your clean.

I have a first hurdle to get through – cleaning my clean. As I’ve written in the past, I really don’t like to clean! That’s why learning about a new green cleaning product while reading The Lazy Environmentalist on a Budget by Josh Dorfman is the perfect combination for me.

For me to be able to get behind an idea, it needs to be easy. That is why I’ve had a difficult time with many aspects of green living. There are so many products that claim to be green or eco-friendly, but in this brave new world of green cleaning, it is very difficult to know which products can be trusted. Because I already find housekeeping to be a chore, the prospect of researching products at length is maddening.

I was given the chance to try two products in the green worksTM line of cleaning products from the makers of Clorox. I really like both the natural dishwashing liquid and the natural biodegradable cleaning wipes. The fact that I can use my same old, incredibly easy use and toss Clorox wipes, but they are made with greener products in a container made partially from recycled plastic makes me feel like this is a do-able switch for me! I know this will bring some negative comments, but I do actually miss that chemical smell from other cleaner wipes, but that is mostly because that’s often the only indication to my husband that I cleaned that day.

One note about the “biodegradable” wipes. You must put the wipes in an already active compost pile for them to biodegrade. I learned recently that most biodegradable items will not break down in a landfill, including food waste. However, despite the fact that the wipes are made with wonderful natural products, they do still contain fragrance and silicon, so I personally would not put them in a compost pile to use for a veggie garden. Still, over all I am very impressed with the effort on the part of Clorox as well as the quality of the products.

Purchasing eco-friendly products that don’t break the bank can be a challenge. But did you know that there are fun ways to save the earth without spending a dime?

We all know “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” but how about…..regift? That’s right! Passing on those unwanted gifts is actually wonderfully eco-friendly. While author Josh Dorfman is definitely amusing, his book is also very useful. I thought about offering my review copy as an eco-friendly giveaway, but quite frankly I’d like to hold on to it! I’d like to try my best to follow his tips to give my home an eco-facelift, and the idea of a greener garden is certainly appropriate while I’m working on my first attempt at growing a vegetable garden.
Do you have any greener cleaning tips that don’t break the bank? Share them here!
Written by: Amy

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