A Week in Reviews Part 2 – Day 4: Eco Shoppe

Recently we held a SiteWarming for the new store Eco Shoppe, and some very lucky party-goers won some great prizes. I also had a chance to try out a few of the products available at Eco Shoppe, and I wanted to share with you my two favorites…

Imagi Play’s unique painted wood puzzles are safe for children 3 and up. Each puzzle is made from plantation-grown Rubberwood, which is an eco-friendly hardwood. As the labeling explains, rubber trees produce sap for up to 30 years, and once that stage of their life is over, the hardwood can be used. The paint on the puzzles is lead free and non-toxic. Both my three year old and five year old have had a wonderful time with these toys, and I would absolutely purchase them as gifts for friends!

What I love about the snail is that the kids must place the numbers in the correct order for the puzzle to go back together, and they’re rewarded for their work by seeing the adorable snail appearing before them.

The dinosaur puzzle is especially unique because four somewhat straight pieces come together to make a frame. As you figure out which dinosaur fits where, four unique pictures are formed depending on how you turn the puzzle. My five year old daughter likes that puzzle the best.

This product is for you if: you are looking for a fun alternative to the standard toys that you’ve purchased for other presents, and you’d like an eco-friendly gift for your family or a friend.

This product is not for you if: you are not looking for items that ask your children to think outside the box. Both of these puzzles are very different from traditional wooden puzzles.

Written by: Amy

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