A Week in Reviews – Day Three: Kidz-Med Thermofocus 5-in-1

We have had a terrible winter – the sickest ever. I’ve heard from many of you that you were in the same boat: flu, pneumonia, stomach bugs….everything!

Every time my kids are sick the first thing that I do is take their temperature. I understand that a child can be sick without running a fever, but if a child has a fever, they’re also brewing something else…something much worse.

My daughter has never minded having her temperature taken. She gets a little fussy about waiting for the thermometer to beep, sure, but she doesn’t complain in the same way that her brother does. My two year old son will not sit still for a temperature reading. At all. So imagine how happy I was to have the Thermofocus in my medicine cabinet last month when my son suddenly crawled into my bed in the middle of the night, feeling like he was on fire.

The Thermofocus 5-in-1 Thermometer is a NO CONTACT (seriously) way to take a child’s temperature. I have tested it against two other digital thermometers, and the reading is entirely accurate every time. The safe infrared thermometer works in seconds and is FDA approved. You simply click on a button and point the infrared light at your child’s forehead. It is very easy to use, but even comes with an instructional video.

The Thermofocus not only takes a core body temperature, but you can also use it to take the temperature of inanimate objects!! Point it at your child’s bathwater or formula before use to ensure that the temperature is not too warm. Point it at the milk carton in your fridge to be sure that your food is remaining cool and safe. Or do what I did and walk around the house testing a glass of ice water, my laptop, and even the cat! The product is truly incredible.

So that night when my son crawled into bed and collapsed on a heap between my husband and me….his temperature was 103.4. It took me two seconds to find that out. There was no fighting with him, no holding him down. I was able to quickly move on to what was most important – getting him the care he needed. It turned out that he had a mild secondary lung infection, otherwise known as pneumonia, and because we didn’t mess around finding our other old thermometers and struggling to take a temperature, we were able to learn the extent of his illness quickly and easily and get him to a doctor first thing that morning.

Thank you, Thermofocus!

COUPON CODE: Resourceful Mommy readers! If you are interested in purchasing the Thermofocus from www.kidzmed.com, use the code RESMOM for 20% off the retail price! This offer is good through 3/31/09.

Written by: Amy

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