A Week in Reviews – Day One: Cottonseed

What ever happened to nice, durable, sensible clothing for children? Why can’t I find a t-shirt that will not only look nice on my two year old, but also survive more than a handful of washes? Is it possible to dress a little boy without there being a reference to sports, trucks, animals?

Cottonseed Clothing is the answer to all of these questions.

Cottonseed offers onesies and tees in a variety of styles, as well as soft cotton, baby pants, all available in twenty-four classic colors. Each item is $16.00 – no fuss, no muss, just sixteen bucks even. They also offer any 3 items for $45 or any 6 items for $88, and items may be gift packaged in adorable, reusable biodegradable flower pots. How cute!

What I really love is how the cotton feels. If they sold bedsheets and pillowcases in a Queen size I would order several sets – it’s that kind of soft.

The clothing is also thick and pliable despite being made of 100% cotton. The long sleeved shirts can easily be worn on a cool spring day without the need for an undershirt or camisole and the baby pants will not leave your little one’s legs chilled like many cotton baby pants do.

For more information about about Cottonseed Clothing or to purchase items for your children, please go to http://www.cottonseedclothing.com/. Use code RM0309 for 20% off of your order, good through 3.31.09!!

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