A Week in Reviews – Day Five: You Can Make This!

Aren’t these aprons adorable? Clearly they’ve been handcrafted by an expert seamstress with years of experience creating beautiful clothes out of fine fabrics. Or maybe I made them with my 5 year old daughter.

You Can Make This is a wonderful site where you can buy, download and print out crafting and sewing patterns. You can find woodworking projects, beaded jewelry projects, and even knitting instructions! The bottom line is that if it’s on the site, then you can make it!

I am a somewhat crafty person who has the kind of sewing experience that can throw together a nice Halloween costume….if you don’t look too closely. I once took on a huge project when I completely recovered the section couch in our family room, but honestly that was just a series of box cushion covers with a line of velcro sewn in.

And yet…I really could make this project! My daughter and I began by opening the Duet Aprons pattern and printing out both the pattern for the child size apron and the adult size pattern. Emma was able to help me by cutting out the pattern pieces and then taping them together much like large pieces of a puzzle. I then pinned the pieces onto the fabric as shown in the very clear instruction pages. Once I cut the fabric pieces out, it was time to sew.

I know how to do only the basics with my sewing machine, and sewing these aprons was no problem whatsoever. Emma enjoyed placing the pins back into the pinwheel as I sewed each line, and she was also able to glue the ribbon strip down the middle of the child sized apron. Each apron took about two hours to make once we had purchased materials and returned home to begin our project. The best part of making the aprons was the time that I got to spend with my daughter, just the two of us, having a girls’ day. She’s very proud of the fabrics that she chose and the way the aprons turned out. I have to say…I’m pretty proud, too.

Written by: Amy

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