Wednesday SiteWarming! Sprite Back-to-School Twitter Party Bonus Time

I have decided to take this entire weekend off to help my family prepare for our daughter’s first day of school Monday and will be working with this Friday’s scheduled client later this fall. This will be my only party this week. Please send Emma (and me…) all of your good energy on Monday! We’ll (me) need it! And if you have a moment, please stop by Mail4Kids, my formerly scheduled Friday party. They’ve been very gracious to agree to a re-schedule.

This week’s SiteWarming is actually a Twitter party that I am co-hosting with Megan Calhoun of Twittermoms fame! As you know from my back to school posts, I have been participating in a charity campaign involving Sprite and My Coke Rewards points for schools. This campaign is culminating tomorrow night in a two hour tweeting event. I hope you will join us in tweeting for a great cause…our schools!

On August 26, we’ll host a Twitter Party from 5 to 7 p.m. PST – 8 to 10 p.m. EST. Follow the #spritebts hashtag on to share funny stories, tips and tricks for this back-to-school season with your fellow TwitterMoms. Sprite will credit each #spritebts tweet during the Twitter Party with 10 additional My Coke Rewards Bonus Points. All the points earned will be donated to the same school that wins the Sprite Back to School Tweet-a-Thon – that’s up to an additional 25,000 points! Let’s make sure your school has the chance to get up to 50,000 My Coke Rewards Bonus Points that can be used for items your school really needs. Join us in both the Sprite Back-to-School Tweet-A-Thon and the Sprite Back-To-School Twitter Party! The winner, and the final poitns count award, will be announced on Tuesday, September 1, 2009. We are tracking tweets using the #spritebts hashtag and will keep you posted on the results. Let’s spread the word and make a big impact, moms!

To RSVP: Sprite Back-to-School Twitter Party

Written by: Amy

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