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VOYCE-LOGO -W-TAGLINE-HORIZONTAL(POS)We care about our pets as if they are family. We want them to be happy and healthy, but sometimes it can be difficult to determine if they are having health issues. Voyce is breakthrough wearable technology for your dog that bridges the gap between dogs, their owners, and the people who love them. Voyce gives your dogs a voice that they have never had before, by giving you unprecedented insight into your dog’s health and well-being. Track vital signs, wellness indicators, activity levels, and more with this innovative product, launching this summer!

VOYCE-BAND-01 (1)Fitness and weight management are often an overlooked issue when it comes to dogs. It can be tricky to be sure that your pet is getting the right foods, enough exercise, or if they have an underlying issue that might be affecting their weight. Voyce makes discovering and correcting weight issues and other health problems easier to manage.

Join us as we chat with Voyce Director of Product Management, Emily Hartman, and resident veterinarian, Dr. Amanda Landis-Hanna. We’ll be learning more about Voyce for dogs, chatting about keeping your dog fit and healthy, and of course, giving away some amazing prizes.

We hope you’ll join us at the:

Voyce Twitter Party 

When:  Wednesday, May 28th from 8:00 to 9:00 p.m. ET

Where:  #MyDogsVoyce

How:  Follow host @ResourcefulMom, sponsor @mydogsvoyce, special guest experts @Ehartman831 and @DrLHVet and use the event tag #MyDogsVoyce in order to participate.

Prizes:English Bulldog Hazel-0040 (1)

 Nine (9 ) winners will receive a Summer Fun Dog Gift Basket (a $75 value). Baskets include pet items* such as a handcrafted leash, Frisbee, water bottle, toys, and a $25 Visa Gift Card.  *actual items may vary

One (1) winner will receive a Grand Prize Summer Fun Dog Gift Basket (a $150 value). This basket includes pet items* such as a handcrafted leash, Frisbee, water bottle, toys, and a $100 Visa Gift Card*actual items may vary


Planning on joining us?  Let us know here by adding your Twitter URL (http://twitter.com/username).  An RSVP is not required to participate or to be entered to win.

About Voyce:

VOYCE combines breakthrough wearable technology with insightful guidance from some of the nation’s leading dog professionals — giving owners unprecedented insight into how their dogs are feeling, acting, thinking, and behaving. Developed in collaboration with bio-medical engineers, dog experts, and Cornell University, one of the nation’s top veterinary institutions, VOYCE tracks key vital signs and wellness indicators while providing subscribers with exclusive content to help them understand their dogs like never before.

Worn comfortably around a dog’s neck, VOYCE is a highly sophisticated, durable, and attractive health band that monitors key vital signs including heart and respiratory rates, along with other wellness indicators such as activity, rest, calories burned, and more. The data provides valuable insight into more than just health-related issues, helping owners and veterinarians recognize and understand trends in the dog’s behavior, diet, exercise, and habits.

About Emily Hartman

Emily Hartman is the Director of Product Management at Voyce. Prior to joining the Voyce team, Emily managed products and services for some of the leading North American financial institutions. She dedicates the non-working hours of her life to rescuing German Shepherds and training them for adoption. Emily has fostered over 25 Shepherds and seen them happily adopted into new homes. Her love for dogs led her to Voyce. Her three current canine children and her desire to help pet parents be the best they can be reinforces her passion for Voyce every day.

About Dr. Amanda Landis-Hanna

Dr. Amanda Landis-Hanna is the resident veterinarian at Voyce. Amanda graduated from Auburn University and is Voyce’s resident expert for clinical trial information and dog knowledge. She provides expert insight into determining what data is relevant and useful to vets, as well helping level-set the data points and validating all the testing. Previously a Small Animal and Exotic vet, and a VCA Medical Director, Amanda still practices and volunteers (to the relief of her colleagues). Amanda loves seeing pets and the people who love them!

Written by: Amy

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