Valentine’s Day Safe Haven Twitter Party with Julianne Hough

Please join me for a Valentine’s Day Twitter Party to talk about Safe Haven with a special LIVE Q&A with@JulianneHough!

An affirming and suspenseful story about a young woman’s struggle to love again, Safe Haven is based on the novel from Nicholas Sparks, the best-selling author behind the hit films The Notebook and Dear John.

Safe Haven stars Josh Duhamel and Julianne Hough and is in theaters February 14th, just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Safe Haven Twitter Party with Julianne Hough

When: Thursday, February 14th – Valentine’s Day! – from 2:30 to 3:30 p.m. ET

Where: #SafeHavenChat

How: Don’t forget to follow@juliannehough@SafeHavenMovie and use #SafeHavenChat during the 1-hour party to ask questions LIVE and win prizes.

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Tweet your questions for Julianne Hough all week using the #SafeHavenChat tag or place your questions in the comments section below.


Prize Update!!  Five (5) winners will each receive prize packs of Diet Pepsi’s special limited edition heart cans

Ten (10) $15 Fandango Bucks + copy of the book

One (1) Grand Prize winner will receive a Custom Skinned SAFE HAVEN Nook HD

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents age 18 and older only.


Planning on joining us?  Let us know here by adding your Twitter URL (  An RSVP is not required to participate or to be entered to win.

Watch the Safe Haven Trailer here!

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  • Thanks!! Looking forward to this twitter party!!

  • Ashleigh

    Looking forward to the party! I missed the other one due to time change. Can’t wait for the party! It’s gonna be good one! 🙂

  • Martina

    Love Nicholas SParks! Count me in @martiferg

  • Kimberly Snyder

    Thanks, really looking forward to this party !

  • Cassandra Eastman

    Looking forward to the party, very excited about Safe Haven. Can’t wait to watch it in Theatres!

  • Sherry Fowler

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited! @fowler121600

  • Jane m

    We loved Dear John & The Notebook was a gift for our family. It really helped extended family & friends understand exactly what my Grandmother was going through. It has clearly made Alzheimer’s real.
    I am hoping Safe Haven has the same elegant touch.

  • @cammiLH

    I have read the book and can’t wait to see the movie! Thank you for hosting this chat!! @cammiLH

  • ginette4

    Oh..cannot wait!

  • I can’t wait for this! The last few I’ve joined (for Julianne and Josh) have both been great. Julianne answered so many amazing questions last time, so I’m definitely looking forward to this one! Thank you so much for hosting another chat for fans of Julianne! I’ll definitely be linking this post on our fansite, if that’s okay?

    (And maybe I’m just a little excited about the idea of a Nook with Julianne’s face on it, haha. That’s not weird at all, right? :))

  • RSVP @Not2Haute

  • oh yeah!! i’m gonna watch the movie @SafeHavenMovie tomorrow ! im sooooo excited! 🙂
    i have read the book and i cried at the ending of the story. so i’m gonna bring more tissues with me tomorrow just incase my tears will flow 😀 <3

  • gabby

    Im so excited for this cant wait:)

  • I can’t wait to talk to you, Julianne. I am a huge fan. You gave me a live shout out during the live interview with Josh and Jason Kennedy. You also responded to one of my questions through the Cosmopolitan twitter interview. Thanks so much for your generosity towards your fans. Hope to talk again. Love you Jules!!!!

  • Bella

    That sounds like a lot of fun! The recent Shutterfly Q&A was great! Unfortunately I’m not on Twitter, but during that time I will be actually just leaving to go see the first showing of Safe Haven in my town! My Valentine’s present to myself! Read the book in just 3 days (up till 5am one of those nights…simply could not put it down!) and very excited to see the movie! Congratulations to Julianne and Josh!

  • @cammi1972

    Looking forward to it!!!

  • Juan Juarez

    Looking forward to the party

  • Kristina Wilson

    I can’t wait to see the movie wow! @kwilson887

  • Donna W.

    I rsvp’d for @disneymom917

  • Janet

    It should be another fun party!

  • @djc319 will be there Thanks Love Julianne Hough!!

  • finnNtonic

    I just watched Julianne Hough on Rachael Ray and can’t wait to participate!

  • Julianne, I would like to ask what made you choose to be a part of this film. What message does it send that you like?

    Thanks for having this awesome twitter party. Will be tweeting @mommaof4girlies

  • stephanie bodine

    I will definitely be there! Happy Valentines Day! @bodinesteph

  • I cant wait for the party or to go see this movie !

  • Jennifer L.

    How did you find out you got the part in the movie?

  • Leah Martin

    Yay excited for this one.

  • Danielle

    Can’t wait for this! Love Julianne Hough and a party prize would be absolutely amazing for Valentine’s Day! She did great on Rachael Ray today and I can’t wait to see the movie! Follow me @danij2044 🙂

  • I can’t wait for the party! Good luck to everybody, what wonderful prizes.

  • How did you like working in Southport and Wrightsville Beach and the people of NC?

  • Ylenia Kay

    @JulianneHough what was the funniest moment filming @safehavenmovie.. on & off set? @ResourcefulMom #SafeHavenChat

  • Kristina Wilson

    How do you stay so fit besides dancing? @kwilson887

  • Donna W.

    Julianne – I like that you are setting an example to young ladies that you don’t have to dress provocatively to be attractive. As a mother, I appreciate that. I can’t wait to see the movie. Love everything Nicholas Sparks. I enjoyed your performance in Footloose.

  • Better late than never! RSVP

  • Jenny

    Julianne is such a multi-talented phenomenon! I can’t wait to see Safe Haven!

  • Bella

    I saw the movie today! It was amazing!! Julianne you are incredible in this movie and had such great chemistry with Josh! It had the perfect mixture of romance, thriller, and also a few things to make us laugh! I never watched Dancing With The Stars, and didn’t know who you were until I saw Rock of Ages. You were fantastic in that as well. I know you said Safe Haven was your first drama role and you absolutely nailed it! I’m really looking forward to following your career, which I know will be a very successful one! Best wishes to you from Canada!