Valentine’s Day: Resourceful Date Planning!

Once upon a time… my husband and I looked like this:

That picture was taken the night he proposed to me, just as 1999 was turning into 2000 and everyone felt alive, full of hope, full of promise.

Look how much we loved each other the day we got married. Aren’t we cute and adorable and….well….obnoxious?

Now back to reality. It was only six short Christmases later that our lovey-dovey by the Christmas tree picture included our 2 year old daughter and our future son, who was 5 months into the baking process in this photo.

We love our family very much, but every now and then – okay, on Valentine’s Day – it would be nice to return to the days when it was just the two of us. We have never hired a baby-sitter for our kids, so our only date nights come when my family is visiting from out of state. If I want a little Mommy-Daddy time, I’m going to have to find a way to make it happen inside the house – and that’s going to involve some planning.

For this, I’m turning to the new Date Planner on Springpad.

The Date Planner will help those two tired and time strapped parents you see in this picture figure out a way to spend time together this February 14th.

To start, I’m adding my husband to my contact list – great start, right? And I’m choosing the Dine Out option even though we’ll be dining in. I’m going to use Springpad to choose my favorite restaurant, and then I’m using my feminine wiles to get that husband of mine to go grab some carry-out. I’m hungry for Italian food, so after choosing Italian, Springpad shows me my options within five miles of my home. With the restaurant chosen, it’s time to move on to later in the evening…

The kids have been bathed, stories have been read, and the little ones are finally asleep. It’s time for….

A Movie! Rather than choose a movie you’ve never seen before, pick an old favorite from a past date before you were married. So that the hubby doesn’t walk into Blockbuster, see Tropic Thunder, and get confused, invite him to check out your date planner on Springpad.

Because the best way for my husband and I to relax and enjoy ourselves is to avoid any stressful gift-giving tension, I’m going to just add right into my date plan what my husband should buy me. Yeah, that’s right. And Springpad is going to help me do it, including listing the URL so that there is no room for confusion. I wouldn’t want my husband to accidentally purchase a HD t.v. instead of that beautiful ring I’ve got my eye on….

Once I’ve share my planned date with my husband, we’ve got a full proof way to spend some quality time together.

Thanks, Springpad! Now let’s all keep our fingers crossed that those little ones stay in their beds….

Written by: Amy

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