Twitter Party Survey Results

Last week I reached out to Twitter users who frequently attend my Twitter Parties, otherwise known as Sitewarmings, and asked for their feedback on a variety of questions ranging from best time for a party to favorite prize. Now it’s your turn! Please take a look at what nearly 200 regular party attendees shared and use the comments section of this post to give your feedback on the same questions. Not into Twitter Parties? No problem! Please refrain from adding your comments here as this is for folks who like to attend. Thanks! Here’s to a great summer of parties!

Those who answered the survey agreed that the best times to party are 8:00, 9:00, or 10:00 p.m. ET. What is your preference?

Days of the week:

While no one wants to party online on a Saturday, votes were nearly evenly distributed across every other day of the week with the middle of the week receiving slightly more votes. We have been moving away from Friday parties for the summer – what night works best for you?

Type of prize was the one thing that nearly every Twitter party attendee agreed on, and gift cards walked away with the win! Would you agree with those results?
Prizing Method:
In the beginning winners were chosen from RSVP and comments and it was good. Then I began to get creative and add trivia questions, scavenger hunts and more to the mix and some party-goers were not pleased. While no one could agree on the best way to choose prize winners, everyone did agree that “first person to answer correctly” is not the way to do it! What is your favorite prizing method?

Thank you so much for your feedback! Tweet you soon 🙂

*Caveat – I host many parties for public service organizations that are not permitted for legal reasons to award prizes. We love the participation and conversation during these events and thank you for your understanding regarding the no prize rule. Also, often times the vendor chooses both the prize and the method for awarding that prize, but we hope to influence future sponsors with your feedback!

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  • Rony M

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  • Felicia

    Thanks for sharing those results! I agree with most of them, though I definitely prefer parties after 9pm, when the kiddos go to bed. I feel horrible missing time with them for a "party" 🙂

    Thanks for all the hard work and fun and learning you provide to all of us!

  • RobynsOnlineWorld

    I love seeing stats like this on things. Wasn't surprised about the 1st to answer response since folks feel it's unfair with the lag time variances. Would love to see more data like age of attendees, regions, etc.

  • TheAngelForever

    Amy – thank you for sharing these geeky stats. The teacher in me loves the graphs. Like Felicia, my trouble with starts before 9 is kids not all asleep. When my little guy takes a nap he is often up until close to 9. The other trouble I have is when there are day time parties and I am off picking up my son from school. Love the parties and hope to attend them more regularly again 🙂 Thank you for all you do.

  • Barbara

    8 or 9 pm starts work best for me.

    Days of week: Mon-Thurs, they seem to be filling up, maybe a Sunday evening once in a while?

    Gift cards are wonderful

    I definitely agree random winners who rsvp is the best way to go

    Your parties are great, professional and a lot of fun. Thanks so much for having them.

    @partyinyourpjs (@goin2carolina)

  • Doodle741

    I agree – parties 9pm EST or later, gift cards, and NO 1st to respond questions!!

    I love random prize questions, but I can deal with the certain # to respond, as long as it's farther out than 10! 😉

  • andrea

    I didn't get a chance to answer the survey, but!
    Times – the later the better for me, usually. 9pm is a perfect time.
    Any weeknight works, I have no preferance on that one.
    Picking winners at random seems to be the best (and, most fun!) route, in my opinion.
    And – any prize is a good prize! I love what I have won (Gogaga bag) but gift cards are always a winner. I like learning about the different sites/hosts.