Truth or……Well, Truth

For those of you who have been reading Resourceful Mommy for some time, first of all, thank you for sticking around! And secondly, you probably know I have a huge appreciation for a mom-invented game called Kubit2Me. My children enjoy the Lil’ Scholars version mostly because they can throw a foamy, furry cube at each other’s heads. I like it because when they catch it, I make them pull an alphabet card out, say the letter, and say one word that begins with that letter.

How is that for tricky learning?

I recently had the opportunity to check out another version of Kubit2Me – Truth or Dare. We all remember that classic slumber party game and how much fun we all had eating crackers stacked with relish, mustard, and ketchup, or hearing the delighted squeals as someone finally admitted their crush on a certain boy! So how does this game fit into my life as the mother of a just turning five year old?

Kubit2Me Truth or Dare takes that fun childhood game and turns it into a brilliant communication tool.

My daughter and I sat down recently with the pink cube and the shimmering jelly bracelets that award points for answering a question. My son was napping, the house was quiet, and I thought it was time to really talk to my daughter after a few very busy months and a few very tense days. The first question I pulled was, “Name three things you like about yourself.”

I sat there anxiously wondering if my shy daughter could answer, but before I had much time to think about it she blurted out, “I love my long hair, I love that I’m not a boy, and I love that I’m great at dancing and playing pretend.”

I tried not to dive across the bracelets and hug her. I calmly awarded her a point and moved on.

“If you were invisible, what is the first thing you would do?”

My daughter’s eyes glimmered as she immediately shared, “I would sneak into Fairyland unnoticed and learn how to fly and do magic.”

Wiping away a tear as my daughter continued to share guilt, joy, hopes, fears, dreams, and just plain fun, I was blown away by what a game like this can do not only for a girl’s party, but for a family! I don’t know why I’m so surprised – I already love Kubit2Me. But somehow Mary Kay and the whole Kubit2Me gang has managed to wow me one more time. Thank you, Kubit2Me!

Written by: Amy

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