Time To Get Sweet Domino/C&H Light Twitter Party

It’s time for another awesome Twitter Party with Leah from Mamavation!  I hope you can join us for a sweet event.  The official invitation follows:

Now you can have sugar without the guilt from all those extra calories or artificial chemicals with some new products on the Mamavation approved list: Domino® Light: Sugar & Stevia Blend AND C & H® Light: Sugar & Stevia Blend . They have created a hybrid sugar concoction that uses all-natural Stevia along with pure cane sugar to cut the calories in half and still give you that sweet taste with only 5 calories per serving.
What is Stevia?: The tropical stevia plant, originally discovered in the warm highlands of South America, has been used for centuries as a sweetener. C&H® Light AND Domino® Light is made from the extract of this stevia plant and then blended with another one of nature’s pure sweet plants, the sugar cane. The balance of sugar cane and stevia extract creates the ideal sweetener– a perfect sweet taste and half the calories of sugar. And when baking, it tastes fabulous with chocolate or cinnamon.

Baking with Domino® Light & C&H® Light: Sugar & Stevia Blends–Baking is as easy as cutting it in half. So if the recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar, all you need to do is use 1/2 cup of Domino® Light OR C&H® Light.


Domino® Light: Sugar & Stevia Blend on Facebook ($1.00 off)

C&H® Light: Sugar & Stevia Blend on Facebook ($1.00 off)


Join us on Wednesday, August 8th from 8-10pm EST to celebrate how sweet life really is with sugar that tastes amazing, doesn’t lead to weight gain, and doesn’t have artificial chemicals in it (my own words.) The party will be about all the ways you can use these new products in baking and other recipes to help you with your healthy living lifestyle. And because there are NO artificial sweeteners, you can feel great about sharing them with your family.

Party Details

Who: Domino® Light AND C&H® Light: Sugar & Stevia Blends

When: August 8th, 2012 from 8-10pm EST

Hashtag: #DominoCHLight

Brand Twitter: @Dominosugar (Domino® Light) AND @Candh_sugar (C&H® Light)


Party Hosts:

1. @Bookieboo, Hostess with the Mostess

2. @Resourcefulmom, Twitter Oprah in charge of SWAG



$500 in Visa Gift Cards


To Enter to Win visit http://www.mamavation.com/2012/05/time-to-get-sweet-dominoch-light-twitter-party.html

Written by: Amy

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