Tide Baby Milestones Photo Club Sweepstakes: First Steps

First steps were a very long journey with our first child.  She was nearly eleven months before she crawled, so we knew she would be older than a year before walking.  What we didn’t realize is that she would walk on her knees for a long time before finally walking regularly every day around 18 months.  It was maddening to watch her take one step away from a piece of furniture, kneels, and then “walk” on her knees to wherever she was headed.  Give her something to push, though, and she was moving, toothless smile flashing!

When I had my son, I quickly realized we were in another world as he flipped skillfully by four months, crawled up the steps around five and a half, and took his first steps right before turning eleven months old.  By the time he was a year old he was motoring around like a pro.  I love this picture of him at 10 months, letting go, reaching out to walk, giant chubby cheeks weighing him down 🙂

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  • julie

    I have a friend whose little girl hopped on her knees to get around for the longest time. They were so worried about her. She was so fast hopping around on knees and wouldn’t attempt to walk. She finally did though at age 2! Cute pics! They are so adorable!

    • Amy

      I’m glad to know we weren’t alone with our little knee walker!