Then and Now: 10 Years Later

As part of my participation in the Windows Champions program, I am celebrating the ten year anniversary of Windows XP and Office.  I could not get through my day without Windows and Office – especially Outlook and Word – so I’m happy to throw them a little birthday party here by taking a look at me ten years ago and me today.  It is amazing how much has changed…

Ten years ago I was getting married, starting my second teaching job as a middle school English and drama teacher and buying my first home with my new husband.  Ten years later we are now settled into our third home that we bought a year ago and have two kids.  I’m no longer teaching, but instead blogging and running my own business from home.  The only thing that’s completely the same is that my husband still works for the same government agency…and still uses Microsoft Office every day!

This post was written in conjunction with my participation in the Windows Champions program.Windows Champions are bloggers who are hand-selected to work with Microsoft Windows. As part of this arrangement, they have been loaned a Windows 7 PC for the course of year and are given the opportunity to learn about Windows and Microsoft products. I have not received monetary compensation in exchange for this post.

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  • jlem1125

    Still using windows XP till now? I still am, tried vista and windows 7 but I still went back to the good ol’ XP!

  • Short and sweet LOVE it!

  • Amy's Dear Husband

    Not only have we always used Windows, we’re still using MS Office 2003!

    –Amy’s DH

  • anne

    that’s sweet. it’s nice to see a couple stay together!

  • Love this post.