Tax Refund Tech Purchase? Consider the Surface

You’ve all seen the commercial for the Microsoft Surface and if you’re like me, you’ve probably seen it too many times.

But just in case, here it is one more time:

When I first saw it on TV I immediately thought, “One more thing I’m going to be convinced I need.  Just one more thing…”

I fought it.  I fought hard.  I’m not one to jump on bandwagons or follow crowds as evidenced by the fact that I’m still a PC despite my tech-geek friends who want me to put on a black turtleneck and join that other cult.  No thanks.

But then I received a Microsoft Surface as part of my Windows Champions experience and I’m here to tell you – I was wrong.

I don’t admit that very often, so you may want to read that sentence one more time, really savor it.

I travel often for both work and vacation time and find myself dragging a laptop with me on every trip.  A traditional tablet simply doesn’t meet my writing needs, and I have no interest in buying an assortment of accessories to make an expensive piece of technology functional.  If your device doesn’t get it done, I’m not going to purchase it.

The Microsoft Surface gets it done.

I took my Surface on a trip for the first time in January.  With deadlines looming on my book, I knew I would have to use the five hour flight time to make a considerable dent in my manuscript.  I needed Microsoft Word and a device that allowed me to type while still fitting in my personal bag.  The Surface provided both.  The truth is that despite any promises of cool gadgets or features from competitors, both my brain and my business prefer Microsoft Windows.  The innovative Windows 8 technology on the Surface allows me to fluidly go from Facebook to photos to my Word documents.  The size of the device fit perfectly on the airplane tray, and the included keyboard met my refuse-to-type-on-a-touchscreen needs.  Bonus?  The Surface comes equipped with all of my Microsoft Office favorites, including Microsoft PowerPoint, allowing me to clean-up my presentation slides during breaks in my writing.

While I don’t enjoy the pleasure of a tax refund, I know that many people are using this time of year and the sudden windfall to make technology purchases.  If this describes you, definitely give the Windows Surface a second look.  And I promise, it won’t make you jump on tables and dance.  It just makes sense.

As a Microsoft Windows Ambassador, I am receiving a Windows device to use for one year as well as information about the latest products and services available. No other compensation has been provided.  This post was inspired by my own love for my Windows Surface.  

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