"Surprise Your Eyes" Contest and book giveaway

One of my guilty pleasures is watching reality television. I blame it on the fact that shows like Real World on MTV launched during my formative tween years, so watching other people swimming around in the fish bowl that is television feels a bit like home to me.

One of my favorite shows is What Not To Wear on TLC. I’m a TLC junkie anyway, but this show hits home with me in particular because I’ve been known to wear my high school cheerleading sweats around the house and old t-shirts from high school….in public. In fact, I’ve been waiting for years for Stacy and Clinton to jump out from behind my beat-up mini-van to ask me what exactly my problem is.

My favorite part of What Not to Wear is when the guest receives the final touches of their makeover including make-up by Carmindy. Carmindy is currently a celebrity judge in the “Surprise Your Eyes” contest, and knowing how much you all love to win great prizes, I wanted to pass this information along to you! The prizes are absolutely incredible, so don’t miss this opportunity.

Today is the last day to enter to win, so head to “Surprise Your Eyes” now.

You can also check out beauty tips from Carmindy on YouTube.

But there’s more!! I’ve also got a copy of Carmindy’s book Crazy, Busy, Beautiful: more than 597 quick and easy beauty tips for your crazy, busy lifestyle and is sized to fit in a make-up bag, to give away to one of you!

To enter just leave a comment on this post telling me what makes your beautiful life crazy busy. One entry per person & the contest ends Friday, May 7th.

Good luck!

*product was provided because as I already shared, I needed this book as well…
Written by: Amy

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