Still Time to Win with #DeliciousMoments

I’ve heard that some folks are experiencing some confusion about the #DeliciousMoments party and contest. The prizes are fantastic – $10,000 Family Vacation, anyone!? – and the conversation will be wonderful as always. I’d really love to help you participate!

Q & A:
1. Do I have to upload a video on the Delicious Moments Facebook page in order to participate tonight?

No! In order to enter to win the $10,000 Family Vacation, you must upload a video on to the Delicious Moments Facebook page. However, that is not required to participate in tonight’s party and be eligible to win one of twenty-five door prizes. While you’re with us tonight on Twitter from 9 to 10 p.m. ET you may be able to find answers to the questions you have about uploading video and decide to enter after the party!

2. Does my family need to be in the video?
Absolutely not. Many folks who hang out online choose to keep their children offline. That is 100% fine. Just upload your thoughts…by yourself!

3. I can’t see the upload button/figure out what I’m doing/get the page to load.

Some glitches that the site was having are now fixed. And I’ve got a little video tutorial for you below!

Video Tutorial:
1. Step One: Take a video of yourself either using your digital camera, your digital video camera, or your computer’s webcam. It does not need to be long or staged. Just look into the camera and tell us what you would do with 30 extra minutes a day!

2. Upload your video on to your computer: Go ahead and save your video on to your computer the way you normally would. No special tricks required!

3. Head over to the Delicious Moments Facebook page:

4. Click on Submit Video:
5. Simply follow the instructions and fill out the form asking for your information.
6. Click on “Browse” and then simply pull the file from your computer the way you would upload a picture or a video to any other site.

7. Don’t forget! If you are one of the first 75 people to upload and video and THEN COMMENT on the party post telling me you did so, you will automatically win a Walmart gift card and full value coupons!

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