Springpad It!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for the last two months. As someone who has attention deficit disorder, organization is a struggle. Add a husband – more confusing. A thirty-five year old house needing upkeep – chaos! And two children….well, you get the idea.

Last October I met someone who was working on a new site with organizational tools called Springpads. I was given the wonderful opportunity to preview the site and it’s tools. I took furious notes, talked about it endlessly, and couldn’t wait to find a moment to share this great site with my readers.

But I never got around with it because I was so overwhelmed by the amount of information to pass on to you!

What is a Springpad? The site describes them as:

Springpads are free online notebooks that help you manage your life. Use your springpad to keep track of notes, photos, maps, to-do’s, contacts, appointments & more.

You can use Springpads to track your medical related receipts for medical flexible spending accounts; plan a trip including making dinner reservations and mapping the restaurant’s location; find recipes for weekly meal planning and transfer the ingredients directly into your springpad grocery list; update your holiday card lists including addresses; the possibilities are endless.

Spring Pad Quick Facts:
1. It’s FREE – Anyone can use Springpad and registering is both free and easy.

2. It’s Simple to Use – You can get started by choosing pre-made list types, or you can create whatever type of Springpad you need.

3. The Possibilities are Endless – And this is where I began to have difficulties writing this post. You can create a shopping list, and a shopping budget, and synchronize them. You can plan a holiday meal, synchronize the menu with another user’s springpads, and divide up the shopping list between you – straight from the recipes included in the menu!

I have begun to take all of those little pieces of paper all around my house and turn them into Springpads. I’ve entered the names of the people who sent me Christmas cards this year into a Springpad – along with their addresses and whether or not I sent them a card, as well.

Are you ready to learn more? Watch the demo here.

This year I’m ready to organize my life and my site, and I’m looking forward to using Springpad to do it.
Written by: Amy

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