Spot a Mom with 1-800-FLOWERS

This Mother’s Day season, 1-800-FLOWERS is spotting moms all over the country! How do you Spot a Mom? How about that New Mom that smells like baby powder and has a huge grin on her face (and might I add…bags under her eyes?). Or perhaps the Red Carpet Mom who always matches from head to toe.

1-800-FLOWERS has spotted me as a Do-It-Yourself Mom, and I was so excited to receive a Do-It-Yourself Mom Bouquet. How do you spot a Do-It-Yourself Mom? She’s in comfy clothes and ready at a moments notice to redecorate a room by herself. I’d say that’s me! In fact, I just created a stone patio in front of my house as a weekend project and was happy to be rewarded with a beautiful bouquet today!

So that you can share the gift of flowers with your favorite mom this Mother’s Day without breaking the bank, 1-800-FLOWERS if offering Resourceful Mommy readers 15% off of their orders from now through Mother’s Day with this promo code: SPOTAMOM

You can also see me “spotted” on the 1-800-FLOWERS blog today, April 6th! Who knew being a mom was so much fun?
Written by: Amy

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