SiteWarmings Open Mic Night for Today’s Mama!

The already very popular site, Todays Mama, is about to get even better with a cool new micro-blogging feature that they will debut during their SiteWarming Party this Friday at 9 p.m. EST on Twitter!

Join us Friday, March 27th with the hashtag #todaysmama for a SiteWarming Open Mic Night!

Todays Mama started out as a publishing company specializing in guide books for moms. They’ve grown into a fabulous network with features on the national level such as their Expand Your Perspectives blogs and their Mama Forums as well as local features to help support communication between moms on the local level as well as support local businesses!

One national feature, Dream Big, will be our guide for this Friday’s party! How often do you take the time to put yourself in the spotlight, to give yourself a pat on the back for the work that you do? Like most Mamas…probably not often. Dream Big features stories of women who accomplished something great and want to celebrate it! During this Friday’s SiteWarming Party for Todays Mama and their great new micro-blogging feature, we are going to make you the expert panel as we open up the discussion to stories of Mama inspiration.

What goals have you reached that you’d like to share?

Who inspires you to dream big and realize that dream?

Share your stories with each other Friday night and you may end up featured in the Dream Big section of Todays Mama! You’ll also have an opportunity to win great door prizes, and as always, have a lot of fun.

And don’t forget the Goody Bag….

During the party Friday not only will we be revealing the great new feature on Todays Mama, but we’ll also be opening up the week long Goody Bag contest. So keep your eye here and on Twitter with the hashtag #todaysmama!

Ready to RSVP? Give us your linky!

Written by: Amy

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